Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Painting my den

I'm contemplating painting my den. Right now it is the dark hunter green that was popular when we remodeled the house 14 years ago. Time has gone by so fast! I remember I was pregnant for my daughter when I did this and she will be 14 in December. My den is one of those rooms that doesn't get used very much. When my two grown girls were teenagers they used it alot but now I rarely go in it and have just ignored the color.....
That is, until now......

You see, with the economy the way it is and where it is likely headed, after having an office in Cashiers for 14 years,  I am moving my design business into my home- the den to be exact....... EEEK!
So off to the paint store I go,
I'm thinking Robin's Egg Blue and red color scheme............
Great way to use those great red check drapes I made the wrong size for a client years ago!
Any suggestions for a great paint color? I'll report back after going to the paint store!

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