Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sustainable Living- Countertops and Tile with a past

If your thinking about building or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and are concerned about the sustainability of building materials, check out these options for countertops and tile that are not only environmentally friendly, but gorgeous at the same time!
Recycled Glass tiles come in sheets of mosiac enabling you to create any pattern. They are available in a huge array of color and texture

    This color changing tile is cool in the way the colors will change but also can serve as a safety feature to parents with small children or the elderly to alert them to extreme temperatures. Like the mood rings of our childhood,  Moving Color glass tiles change color with exposure to heat.  The tiles are available in eight base colors, and are suitable for use in any kind of wet installation.  You can install the tile in a shower or where a radiant heat source is installed behind the tile, causing it to change colors without any apparent outside heat.

    Blending green with beauty, these recycled glass countertops by Vetrazzo do more than simply recycle materials  – they also tell the story of their origins, from beer bottles to Skye vodka bottle glass. The results are of course always unique one-of-a-kind designs. With a recycled content of up to 85% they will compliment the home while serving the green urge.