Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Skirt it!

I love table skirts! They're a are a great way to add more fabric to a room and create storage at the same time. Tailored linen with tape trim seems to be the hot trend now.

 The embroidery on the bottom of this skirt is beautiful. Notice how they shaped the marble top and conformed the skirt to it. So pretty!

This one may just be my favorite- of course anything red or coral catches my eye!

 Of course I would like this one! Coral! So clevor how they applied the banding pattern- I could do that DIY!
 Just for fun, check out this galvanized work of art- I have a client that would love this- however she may not like the $48,000 price tag...........

 Classic and pretty Phoebe Howard table skirt

 Burlap is hot and this outdoor skirt would be great for a mountain porch. I'm planning to develop
 a line of burlap table skirts for weddings etc.

This skirt is beautiful and gives a masculine feel to the skirt idea- I love the wide band on the hem. 

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