Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Decorating with trophy big game mounts

Question of the week: What do you think of decorating with big game mounts?
 Several of my clients are avid hunters and have asked me to incorporate the fruits of their passion into their vacation home decor. I've designed around moose, deer, rams, kudu, fowl, bear skin rugs and even a leopard!
The key to incorporating these trophys into your decor is scale and keeping your fabrics and furniture rustic and large. Leather is a great upholstery element as is chenille and textural fabrics Rustic wood tables etc. look great with the coloring of the animal.I also love to incorporate animal print fabrics into the design!

 One client I had went all the way to Russia to get a Moose- If I remember, the antler span was 6' across! Luckily, he had a HUGE fireplace!
This client not only had kudzu's on the fireplace, he also had a grand slam of rams on the opposite wall!

This client had several trophies in the master bedroom. SHE had shot the leopard! They used animal skin rugs on the floor, upholstered a chair in zebra and  had several mounts above the bed. We used a leather sofa and a huge rustic wooden bed to balance the scale of the animals.

 I've balanced out large mounts by surrounding them with antler mounts. I especially love the carved Black Forest type mounts.

For those of you that think the animal thing is a bit much you can always go Faux........

Made with recycled book pages- go figure!

This one even has a night light built in!

Cardboard art!

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  1. I think those should be in a man room :) I'm not a fan of them lol